Characteristics of Eastern Red Cedar Logs

Eastern Red Cedar Logs (click image to enlarge) Priced per Running Foot of Length. These are natural logs, not milled logs.

Cedar Logs and Mantels
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Our logs are water peeled Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana), the limbs have been trimmed back to the base and are ready for futher trim and sanding.

We generally have a good selection of air dryed unsanded logs in stock. Allow a minimum of 4-6 weeks for shipping logs. Shipping is generally by truckline because of length limitations. Logs are generally not shippable next day or second day service.

Lengths are random unless specified otherwise. Available lengths vary by diameter up to 30'-0"+, all logs are natural taper, dimensions are measured at the large end and are at the largest point. Due to the nature of eastern red cedar dimensions vary greatly from point to point.

To understand natural taper please see this graphic Understanding Natural Taper which demonstrates how natural taper is affected by log diameter and length.

These logs have character! Colors run from light tan to dark brown streaked. Generally the larger the diameter the deeper the creases in the wood and the greater the character. These logs will vary greatly in color, texture and shape. All logs will have knots, color variations, and texture changes. Logs also may have streaks of color, cat's faces, bug tracks, twist, bulges, creases, bow or a combination of several of these features. If you are looking for uniform plain boring logs these aren't it. If you are looking for log with rustic charm and character you're in the right place. We will provide hand selected logs for a modest upcharge. Please feel free to contact us with your specific requirements.

All Logs Will Have Some or All of The Following Features in Varying Degrees
The image on the left shows the range of variation in knots. The log in the upper portion of the photo is an example of an extremely knotty log, while the lower log has almost no knots. Most of our logs fall somewhere in between.
The center photos shows the extremes of color variation. Color may vary even in a single log.
The image to the far right shows the range in texture variation. The log on the left is fairly smooth in texture, while the log on the right is an extremely textured log. Texture will vary from smooth to logs having ripples, creases and holes or any combination thereof.
Variation in the number of knotsVariation in Knots Color varies from log to log. Color Variations Textures change from log to log.Texture Changes

Logs May Also Have The Following Features
Streaks of Color Cat's Faces Bug Tracks Twist Bulges  Creases Bow
Streaks of Color Cat's Faces Bug Tracks Twist Bulges Creases Bow

Pricing is per linear foot or running foot, enter number of feet required in the quantity field at the check out page. Shopping cart accepts only even footages. The minimum length for logs over 9" in diameter is 4'-0".

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