13" to 15" Top Width Half Log Mantels Prices Start at $128

Eastern Red Cedar Half Log Mantel

13" to 15" Top Width Half Log Mantels Prices Start at $128
13" to 15" Top Width Half Log Mantels Prices Start at $12813" to 15" Top Width Half Log Mantels Prices Start at $12813" to 15" Top Width Half Log Mantels Prices Start at $128
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Product Description

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This is our Eastern Red Cedar Half Log Mantel with a top width of 13" to 15" at the widest point. This dimension will vary plus or minus but will average somewhere in the 13" to 15" range. These are most often ordered with coped log supports (See the suggested mounting detail shown below). Each mantel will be uniquely individual, size shape and color will vary greatly from log to log assuring you will get a beautiful mantel for your next project. Order your length and finish options from the drop down menus above. Mounting bolts or hardware are not included.

Available Finish and Support Options (Select Above)-
Unsanded- As implied this is a rough cut log and and unless you are using it in an extremely rustic application, will require sanding to remove saw marks, splinters and handling marks.

Unfinished- The log will be sanded with Orbital Sander using 80 grit paper and and will be ready for any additional sanding that your desired level of finish requires, then application of your finish coating.

Finished- The log will be finish sanded and coated with 3 coats of acrylic polyurethane clear interior finish. Ready for installation.

Coped Mantel Supports- Add an optional pair of hand coped log mantel supports for an additional rustic log cabin flair. Supports are shipped attached to the mantel with lag bolts.

Suggested Mounting Detail- This is a simple suggestion of how to mount a log mantel to your hearth wall, your actual installation detail may vary. Mounting hardware should be sized to your particular application and mantel size and is not included with your mantel purchase. Contact your design professional or building code official for mounting requirements in your location. Flat Back Mantel Installation Detail

**Please be aware that due to the size and weight of this product shipping charges may not calculate correctly. We ship mantels with lengths less than 84" via UPS or Fedex. Mantels with lengths over 84 inches will have to ship via truck line and shipping charges for these will need to be quoted on an individual basis. We will contact you if shipping charges need to be adjusted.