Cedar Log Post Wrap Pricing

Use our Cedar Log Post Wraps to cover ugly metal and wood posts and columns.

Cedar Log Post Wrap Pricing
Cedar Log Post Wrap PricingCedar Log Post Wrap Pricing

Product Description

Examples of Our Log Post Wraps
Post wrap without the cap installed. We use spray foam to help secure the wrap in place..A wrap with the cap installed. There is a steel column inside the wrap.
Completed and stained post wrap in place. Completed and stained post wrap in place..
The photos above show our post wraps in place.-
The top left is a wrap prior to the cap being installed, you can see the steel column inside. We use mechanical fasteners and spray foam to hold the wrap in place and seal the top and bottom from infiltration by pests and water. The other photos show various examples of post wraps in place both finished and unfinished. We can provide installation services on a case by case basis. Contact us at 417-257-7283 or by email to discuss your needs.

Order diameter and length at the drop down menu above.

Please note the maximum post or column size that can be wrapped.
10" to 12" diameter post wrap = Maximum column size to be wrapped is 5"
12" to 14" diameter post wrap = Maximum column size to be wrapped is 6"
Please note that the given post wrap diameter is nominal and at the largest point, these are natural taper logs so the diameter will decrease over the height of the post wrap. (See our article Understanding Natural Taper)

Our post wraps will be shipped to you with a removable cap on one side, you will remove the cap and cut the post wrap to the exact length you need, install the cap around your post or column and anchor in place top and bottom, then apply your choice of adhesive and use the supplied fasteners to reinstall the removable cap, plug the fastener holes with your color matching putty or wood plugs and then sand off any excess adhesive and handling marks and finish with the stain and/or sealer of your choice. These post wraps can be used inside or outside. For exterior use you will need to use an exterior rated adhesive such as Gorilla Glue or similar to hold the cover cap when you reinstall it and finish with an exterior rated sealant such as our Capture/Cascade system, Transformation Log and Timber or Transformation Siding and Trim stains.