Cedar Log Cookies (Rounds)

Cedar Logs and Mantels
These are our Eastern Red Cedar log cookies cut to varying thickness from about 3/4" to 3" thick depending on diameter. We usually cut these from end cut offs so some will have bark and some will be peeled depending on availablity. They will have varying degrees of character some being close to round or oval and some having large lobes and deep crevices and/or odd shapes. Order by size range from small to XXL.

Diameter in Inches

Small- 2" to 6" diameter in lots of 10

Medium- 6" to 10" diameter in lots of 4

Large- 10" to 14" per 1 piece

X-Large- 14" to 18" per 1 piece

XX-Large- 18" to 24" per 1 piece

Diameter is measured at the largest point. These are rough sawn and will have bandsaw marks in both sides. Rounds will vary in dryness from fresh cut to several months air dryed.

These are great for crafts and decorations of all kinds. Use for stools, tables, clocks, coasters, wall hangings, stepping blocks, center pieces, lamp bases, taxidermy and more.