Eastern Red Cedar Log 8" to 9" Diameter

Eastern Red Cedar Log 8" to 9" Diameter
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Product Description

These logs are water peeled Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana), known for the reddish/purple heartwood used in cedar chests, wood carving and closet lining, eastern red cedar is valued for it's rich aeromatic scent used to repell moths and other bugs. These logs are not kiln dried, however, eastern red cedar is known to be fairly dimensionally stable even when used freshly cut. The outer color of eastern red cedar logs is a nice tan to light brown color and closely matches sawn pine lumber. We use natural cedar logs for trim on all of our log furniture with white pine boxes (See an example here).

Pricing is per Linear Foot (i.e. each 1 foot (12 inches) of length is one unit of measure, so when you put (1) in the quantity box you will get (1) 12" long section of log). Logs are naturally tapered, please make sure you understand natural taper in logs before you order. Click Here For An Explanation of Natural Taper

Log Texture and Finish- These logs are water peeled, the limbs and knots will be chainsaw cut and may project more than 1" from the face of the log. Log ends are rough cut by chainsaw and the overall length will allow for squaring the log on site. They will have handling marks and will require sanding for all but the most rustic uses. These logs may be fresh cut less than 30 days or may be air dried for 1 month or more. Shipping lead time is usually 3-4 weeks.

Due to variation in weight and length the shopping cart may not calculate shipping costs correctly. Call for a custom shipping quote or order through our shopping cart and we will contact you with a shipping quote before we charge your card. You may also pickup logs at our yard in West Plains, Missouri by appointment. Shipping for small orders less than 108" in length is usually via Fedex or UPS Ground Service, larger orders and logs longer than 108" in length must be shipped standard LTL truckline and subject to delivery restrictions and carrier requirements (contact us for details). Logs are generally not shippable next day or second day service.
The weight of these logs will vary based on the moisture content of the log. As a rule of thumb we use the following weights.
Fresh cut green logs may weigh as much as 2.75 pounds per inch in diameter by one foot in length. So that a 10" diameter log, 10'-0" long might weigh as much as 275#. Dry logs may average less than 1.4 pounds per inch in diameter by one foot in length. So that a 10" diameter log, 10'-0" in length may weigh 140#.
Please note- These weights are given simply as a guide to estimate shipment weight. We will weigh your actual order prior to shipment and shipping costs will be based on actual shipment weight and delivery address calculated by the broker at the time of shipment.

Please read before you order-
Logs are priced by the running foot of length (12 inches in length) if you place (4) in the quantity box, you are ordering one log (4) feet long. Please enter the total number of linear feet of log you wish to order in the quantity box (such as "20" feet total), then enter instructions for cutting your logs to length in the text box below that (i.e. Cut 4 logs 5 feet in length or etc.).