Eastern Red Cedar Logs Greater Than 18" in Diameter

We currently have logs exceeding 26" in diameter and lengths up to 40 feet in length. We have access to a limited number of logs exceeding 26" in diameter. These are very nice logs with lots of character. Contact us for availability and pricing.

Eastern Red Cedar Logs Greater Than 18" in Diameter
Enter cutting instructions in the text box below. Pricing is per Linear Foot (i.e. each 1 foot (12 inches) of length is one unit of measure, so when you put (1) in the quantity box you will get (1) 12 inch long section of log).:
Availability:Contact us for availability

Product Description

These logs are water peeled Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana), known for the reddish/purple heartwood used in cedar chests, wood carving and closet lining, eastern red cedar is valued for it's rich aeromatic scent used to repell moths and other bugs. These logs are not kiln dried, however, eastern red cedar is known to be fairly dimensionally stable even when used freshly cut. The outer color of eastern red cedar logs is a nice tan to light brown color and closely matches sawn pine lumber. We use natural cedar logs for trim on all of our log furniture with white pine boxes (See an example here).

Pricing on logs of this size will be based on availability. We cannot always get logs this size and larger and additional lead time will be required. Please contact us if you have need of logs larger than 15" in diameter and we will see if we can locate them. Click Here For An Explanation of Natural Taper

Please read before you order-
Logs are priced by the running foot of length (12 inches in length) if you place (4) in the quantity box, you are ordering one log (4) feet long. Please select the sanding option at the drop down menu, then enter total number of linear feet of log you wish to order in the quantity box (such as "20" feet total), then enter instructions for cutting your logs to length in the text box below that (i.e. Cut 4 logs 5 feet in length or etc.).
A minimum order of at least 4' is required for log sizes 9" in diameter and above.